Strategic Managerial & Leadership Development Training in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Start08:03 PM - Nov 11 2018
  • End06:00 PM - Nov 17 2018
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • +977-1-5 186 186 / 5 186 386
  • [email protected]

7 Days’ Intensive Program in Bangkok,Thailand!

Global  Managerial & Leadership Skills :

In Association with: Widely Renowned: CORPORATE TRAINING BANGKOK,Thailand.


Overall Objective

The general objective of the course is to enable Senior/Middle level Officials to develop competencies that are relevant and applicable in their work environment as corporate managers/leaders.

Specific Objectives

At the end of the course the participants should be able to:

  • Identify management skills necessary for effectiveness in an organization;
  • Describe the concept of management;
  • Describe financial management and its application to individual and organizational success;
  • Identify and appreciate the dynamics of risk management and the fact that risk management encompasses more than just financial risk management;
  • Describe the HR function and how to recruit and retain staff;
  • Manage time effectively;
  • Inspire a shared vision and facilitate change processes in their organizations and programmes
  • Conduct root cause analysis and develop a reality tree matrix
  • Facilitate systems thinking and action learning in their organizations and programmes
  • Apply leadership skills necessary for creating a learning organization
  • Apply STARGUIDE framework for strategic leadership in developing a shared vision, strategy and strategic objectives
  • Implement programmes with accountability.


Topics Covered

  • Mastering strategy: art and science
  • Leading strategically
  • Evaluating the external environment
  • Managing firm resources
  • Selecting business-level strategies
  • Supporting the business-level strategy: competitive and cooperative moves
  • Competing in international markets
  • Selecting corporate-level strategies
  • Executing strategy through organizational design
  • Leading an ethical organization: corporate governance, corporate ethics, and social responsibility
  • Evolution of Leadership theories and approaches: the Old vs. the New Ways of Leading Effective Motivation for 21st Century and Beyond Utilizing culture, beliefs, and local resources i.e. human and natural
  • Effective Team Building & Cooperation Conflict Management Managerial Ethic & Culture and Application Leadership within you- discover & explore Utilizing culture, beliefs, and local resources i.e. human and natural
  • Methodologies: We use wide variety of methodologies to bring outstanding result like Interaction, Presentation, Games, Exercise, Case study, Role Play, Practical Acts & Video etc.

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