Team Building & Development Skills Training in Bangkok,Thailand
  • Start02:25 PM - Sep 11 2018
  • End02:26 PM - Sep 17 2018
  • Bangkok,Thailand
  • +977-1-5 186-186/ 5 186-386
  • [email protected]


4Days’ Cutting-edge Program with 2 Days’ Outdoor Team Bonding Activities in Bangkok,Pattaya & Ayutthaya

“Moving forward together compels success takes care of itself for Organization’s unstoppable growth.” 

An Employee is required the specific task assigned while A Team together brings overall results to accomplish Organization’s Goals, Vision & Mission in a long term. Thus, Team Building & Bonding event is mandatory for the Officials to raise realization within themselves to Work together for the better of their Organizations which finally impacts their Own growth and betterment. Our Team Building & Bonding session comprises of both Classroom and Outdoor Activities to generate a real difference in the manner you and your team approach the coming years’ challenges together.  Teams are very important and needed because the world is changing constantly and it requires continuous experiments. Teams are needed because the world we live in requires constant experimentation, a continual response to changing conditions.  We have to rapidly integrate new atmosphere, partners, new conditions, possibilities and different work disciplines with the pace of the time. The strong TEAM adapts easily to changing conditions and brings innovative solution to work challenges.

The objective of the training is

  • To provide ability to apply facilitative leadership skills to promote team communication, collaboration, and performance
  • To build Confidence and ability to deal effectively with challenging team situations

Who should attend?

Officials who will benefit from this course include:

  • Managers, Program and Project Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Team members
  • Professionals who wish to lead teams to high performance

Study Visits/Organization Visits with Several Outdoor Activities are included within the Program.

For Details Please write us at: [email protected] 


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