Emerging Global Managerial & Leadership Development Training for Employees Provident Fund,Government of Nepal

EPF Managers Training in Bangkok by ISI Nepal International Standard Icon-ISI Nepal feels more than proud and pleased to be chosen by Employees Provident Fund, Government of Nepal to provide 33 Managers Provide 4 Days’ Training on Emerging GLOBAL MANAGERIAL & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Training in Bangkok, Thailand.


EPF Managers training by Corporate Training bangkok Employees Provident Fund Managers during the Training in Bangkok, Thailand

Our Partner Organization, internationally recognized Corporate Training Bangkok supported and facilitated the participants with updated and upgraded Skills and Knowledges on Global Managerial Skills and Leadership Development along with various industry visits and Live interaction with the officials from Thailand…..

4 Days’ Training/Study Visit proved really beneficial for the Managers from Employees provident Fund Nepal and their satisfaction really satisfied us a lot….

Government of Nepal, EPF participants Training in BangkokGroup Photo After the Training for EPF Managers

ISI Nepal keeps on upgrading and updating its training contents and methodologies time and again considering the recent need amongst world organizations….

Registration is open for upcoming Training Programs in Various Countries”:

Nepal , India, Thailand,Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines,South Korea, Belgium, UAE & USA


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