Effective HR &TALENT Management

Transform the Human Resources function to be an essential and effective partner in developing and executing your organizational strategy.

ISI Nepal’s  Effective Human Resource & Talent Management (eHRTM) deals with executing work processes in organizations. This Session discusses more on the way in which employee and organizational development are closely related to HR topics such as Recruitment, Performance appraisal, Teamwork & Motivation. This Training will equip you with the professional knowledge and skills to engage critically with theories and practices around training and learning in the workplace and the role of the human resources practitioner & experienced. You will develop a critical understanding of the issues and problems associated with implementing practices aimed at enhancing employee performance and organizational competitiveness.

The field aims to provide knowledge about employees’ selection through the recruitment process, training, rewarding, performance management and assessment.

 Whether you are a recently appointed HR, are new to HR or have a non-HR Job with HR Responsibilities. This Program keeps you aware with the KNOW-HOWS you need. Understand essential HR functions and learn to develop an action plan to put to work in your Organization. This comprehensive workshop delivers a clear-eyed analysis of HR’s role in organizations now, and identifies future trends.



Course Outline:

  1. Talent Management – New Movement in Human Resource.
  2. Field and Roles of Human Resource & Talent Management.
  3. Major Functions of Human Resources & Talent Management.
  4. General Resources About Human Resource.
  5. Role of Human Resources Function in Organization.
  6. Challenges facing Human Resources function.
  7. Paying Employees and Providing Benefits.
  8. Ensuring Compliance to Regulations.
  9. Ensuring fair, safe and equitable work Environment.
  10. Sustaining High – Performing Employees.

Along with:

Course Content:

  • The Role of HRM
  • Developing and implementing strategic HR plan
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Retention & Motivation
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Assessment & Grading
  • Successful Employee communication
  • Leading Human force effectively
  • Working with Labor
  • Solving real life solution
  • Top 11 ISINEPAL’s Secret Tips on Effective HRTM

This intensive, hands-on seminar will give you a solid overview of all aspects of eHRTM


Methodologies: We use wide variety of methodologies to bring outstanding result like Interaction, Practices, Presentation, Games, Exercise, Case study, Role Play, Videos etc.

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