Project Cycle Management Training in ISI Nepal

Project Cycle Management Training by ISI Nepal


ISI NEPAL offers a comprehensive review of Project Cycle Management such as Methodology, Tool sets, Documentation, and the Project Life Cycle including Analysis, Planning, Design and Monitoring evaluation.

Build a solid foundation of Project Management knowledge, techniques and tools in this hands-on workshop that covers the entire Project Life Cycle.

Project Management is the systematic and strategic approach of foreseeing or predicting problems, BARRIERS AND RISK that may occur in a Project Planning, and hence organizing and MONITORING these activities so as to complete the project EFFECTIVELY & EFFICIENTLY.

ISI Nepal’s Project Cycle Management Training is amongst ISI Nepal’s most popular & Highly Demanding Training Programs. Hundreds of thousands of Project Managers/ Directors/Executives, Development Sector Officials, Program Managers adn Executives as well as Business people/Fresh & Experienced Entrepreneurs/NGOs/INGos Program Managers with project management responsibilities attend our Training each year.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, Participants will understand what needs to be considered while planning a Project and the various phases of the system development life cycle. Participants will have a good understanding of the Project Management methodology and be more familiar with Project Management Tools

PCM Training by ISI Nepal


We use wide variety of methodologies to bring outstanding result like Interaction, Presentation, Games, Exercise, Case study, Role Play, Practical Acts & Video, Study and Industry Visits etc.


Programs Format:

Open House/Public Programs

IN-HOUSE/Tailor Made Programs

International Programs are available in:

Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, S.Korea, Belgium, UAE & USA!

For More Details: Please email us at: [email protected] 

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